40 Fun Date Ideas for Valentines 2017


Valentine’s day is knocking at the doors and lovers all around the world are busy finding the best ways to celebrate it. However, in search of unique methods to celebrate this day of Cupid, we tend to over-stress and end up with a bucket of ice cream and blanket. Here is a list of things you could resort to, in order to not just spend the Valentine’s day well with your partner, but also show them that you truly love and care for them. Given below is a range of some of the most fun, conventional and unique ideas you can try out this Valentines 2017.


1.Watch Chick Flicks till you go mushy

Enjoying movies together is one of the oldest ways for a couple to spend some quality time together. A RomCom or a ChickFlick is just the right movie to watch with your partner. Snuggle up in their lap as you sit on your sofa, wrapped up in a cozy blanket.


  1. Relive The First Date 

For a couple that’s deeply in love, there are certain memories that will always remain the most cherished and preserved. One of them is the first date. It requires you to have a decent memory. If you can correctly recall the rough details of how your first date went, you could actually recreate the magic. For example, if you went to a particular restaurant, revisit it. Do you happen to remember the suit you wore? It’s time to take it out from your closet. Any chance you recall the music that played in the background? Arrange for it to play this time too!



  1. Get to your partner’s heart through their stomach


What better way to impress the love of your life than cooking their favourite dish? Get online, find the best way to prepare the dish and begin collecting all the ingredients necessary well in advance for the day. Just to be safe, I would suggest going through one or two practice sessions in private, to ensure you’ve got it right. Cooking a romantic dinner for two is not as difficult as it’s made out to be. All you have to do is throw in the right recipe, lay out the table, play the music, arrange for some fairy lights and you are good.


  1. The Greek party for two

The Greeks are known for their passion and wine. If you can arrange for some good wine, white linen, and exotic fruits, you are all set for your very own Greek-party. Make sure you cover the entire house with everything ivory or sparkling white. Buy cheap one-pieced white costumes for the both of you. You can also put up posters depicting the Greek lifestyle all over your living room walls. If you have a few more bucks to spare, you could make all this happen in a rented sea-facing apartment instead of that dingy flat of yours.


  1. A weekend in the mountains with your love

Every couple seeks some privacy on Valentine’s Day. The best way to get some alone time with your loved one is to escape away to the mountains. The busy and fast paced city life has no romantic element to it. Restaurants, movie halls, malls and fun-parks can offer you only so much in terms of thrill. The real fun lies in doing something spontaneously adventurous. If you want to make it a memorable day for the both of you, grab your bags and head over to the hills first thing in the morning.


  1. Shooting range fun

Though unconventional yet an exciting start to your Valentine’s Day could be taking your date out to the Shooting Range if you or both of you are into it. Not every couple wants to stick to the traditional idea of a date. Some want it to be a bit different and unusual. Surprise your loved one by booking the day at your nearest shooting range. You are bound to have a fun day.


  1. Splurge on a car ride

This decade is the decade of start-ups. One of such amazing start-ups is car rentals. These days you can get the most expensive cars at rent for a very eager amount. The glamorous and the fast and furious categories of cars may not be available to all of us, but you can make it your own for a day by paying a minimal amount. Search for such start-ups in your area and book a red sports car that promises excitement.


  1. Shop till your drop

Take your loved one out for shopping. Buying clothes together is a fun activity and must not be ignored as just another task. Sexy lingerie, nice shoes and a well fitting new shirt; buy whatever you want. Splurge well and shop to your heart’s content. Shopping together allows a couple to bond over their likes and dislikes.


  1. Party all night

You can also go out partying with your date. Hit the clubs, dance and enjoy the night to its fullest. Do not forget to attend the after-parties that go on till as early as the morning after. Take another couple out with you, just to make sure you are in a group.


  1. Explore some new places

This is a good way to spend the special day for couples who have been staying together at the same place for a while and are yet to explore the place. You could check out the new coffee place, or the Thai restaurant you have been hearing about from friends. There doesn’t have to be a destination. You can always choose to just drive around the city for the sake of it.


  1. Wine dine

Pick out a romantic location, such as a camping spot on a hill overlooking the city or a balcony in a restaurant with a good view, pop a bottle of bubbly and some dark chocolates, wait for the sky to turn gradient so you can embrace and share a passionate kiss.


  1. Ice skating FTW

Ice-skating, an adventurous sport, could be fun when done with your partner. All the clinging and holding on to your loved one all the while having a good learning experience of something new is good for a couple. Book the tickets in advance so as to avoid facing a full house at the spot.


  1. Splash some colors.

One of the most intimate ways to spend some private time with your partner is to go for some body-painting time. Buy the colours you want to experiment with. Lay around naked in fresh paint on the floorboard of your living room as both of you cuddle through the splashes. You can also choose to carefully paint tiger stripes or panda spots on your partner’s body.


  1. Deck up for each other 

Get a bunch of your old and new clothes and set up a catwalk area in your dining room. Have a nice dinner and get set for the after-show. You can dress sexy and seductive for your partner. Enter into two different rooms and come out in the outfits you had always thought of trying out for your partner. Let your partner have a nice long look at you cat walking towards them.


  1. Bring out your dancing shoes. 

If you and your significant other are good dancers, or simply enjoy moving your body to the rhythm of music, a night at salsa club or a similar venue is the perfect thing for you. Alternatively, you can set up dance floor at home, play your favorite music, have a few drinks and groove like there is no tomorrow.


  1. Stay indoors and cuddle

Stay indoors the entire day. You do not have to necessarily go out and spend big on food, drinks and parties. Instead you can choose to stay inside, decorate the place a bit, cook and have your own arrangement for the day. A very simplistic approach towards celebrations often proves more satisfying than a lavish attempt.


  1. Hold hands and walk into the sunset

What if I told you could actually benefit from going on a date this Valentine? Arrange for a nature walk with your loved one. This way you not only take them out on a date but also get into your system a truckload of fresh air.


  1. Bring out your sexy side

For all you know, a role-play could be all you need to rekindle the romance this Valentine. There are stores available where you can find the right props and costumes for the role-play you have always fantasized about. Buy in advance all the right equipments required to perform the said role-play. You can also surprise your partner by choosing to dress up as their favourite Star Wars or Harry Potter character.


  1. Dust off your passport and fly someplace new

This may require a bit of planning and a few extra bucks than usual. If you happen to be a person with deep pockets, you should be able to arrange for a getaway Valentine trip with your partner. Some of the most preferred romantic locations are Greece, Iceland, Italy and France.


  1. Hot-air balloon ride 

This is incredibly romantic as well as fun plus you witness an amazing view, and get enough room for a dinner in the clouds and the choicest champagne. Just be sure to wear warm clothes, it can get pretty cold high up in the air.


  1. Spa Day with your love

Life gets in the way of spending some private time with your loved one. In this era of rushing deadlines and mad commitments, it becomes difficult for couples to have some alone time. What better way to bond with your partner than while relaxing and receiving a good massage? Spas are a great way to not just relax, but also have your loved one by your side while you are at it.


  1. Relive some memories

You can arrange for the day to be spent entirely indoors. To while away the time, you could decide to reminisce about the memories you guys have made together so far.


  1. Sing your heart out at a karaoke bar


An incredible choice for those of you celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together—it’s casual and easy on your pocket, and incredibly fun. Once you have a few drinks in your system and come to terms with the fact that you are making a complete fool of yourself, you’ll have the time of your life!


  1. Helicopter ride and dinner

Imagine spending the Valentine’s Day hovering above your city comfortably placed miles above it. Due to heavy commercialization of the day, there have emerged various unique ideas with regards to ways in which a couple may celebrate the idea of love. One of them is helicopter rental. Major cities around the globe have facilities for couples renting helicopters by the hour. It’s not just a thrill but also quite a learning experience.


  1. Galloping with the Horses

If this is something you, as a couple haven’t done before, it’s surely going to be a new experience for you. Contact agencies that rent out horses under supervision on the V-day. A better way would be to secretly do this, only to surprise your significant other the first thing in the morning.


  1. Double Date

A very good way to bond, not just with your partner, but also with other couples is to arrange for a double date night. When you double date, you get to know how other couples work. This leads to you realizing and leaning your own shortcomings. Besides being a good way to celebrate the V-day, it could prove to be the start of a new you.


  1. Cocktail fun 

Buy a bunch of different drinks. Include vodka, beer, whiskey and rum. Make sure you have all of the mentioned drinks in sufficient quantities. Now get some fruits and spices from your nearby store. Go online to check some amazing party recipes for cocktails and you are all set for a crazy cocktail night with your partner.


  1. New cuisine

Thai food is an uncharted territory when it comes to cuisines. Thai food is usually unconventionally tasty. Ditch your regular Chinese or Continental this time and go for Thai food instead. You can look up for good Thai restaurants, or any other cuisines that you have never tried before in your city.


  1. Attend a concert

What’s love without some music? Ordinarily, music organizers make sure that there’s at least one concert in your city in or around Valentine’s Day. Ask around your locality if there’s any being organized this time, and if so, book two tickets immediately.


  1. Spend some cash and splurge

Let go of all inhibitions this Valentine’s day 2017. You must have pondered about renting that ivory white limo, taking your partner out for dinner at that exotic restaurant and spending lavishly at the mall to buy her favourite clothes. Well, what better occasion than now to do all that?


  1. Revisit the historic heritage around you

For couples who love being nerds together, there’s a rich layer of history and culture lying to be unearthed by you. No place on the earth is devoid of some heritage of its own. You can always book for a tour of the city with your partner.


  1. Role-play James Bond

Picture this, a beautiful lady in a sensual and figure hugging dress, and strong and handsome man in a fine suit walking up to a roulette table with drinks in hand and placing bets at random as they smile at each other seductively. Spend a little extra to recreate your favourite James Bond movie.


  1. Go wild and seek adventure

If you want to go for something exhilarating this Valentine, I would suggest bungee jumping. It requires a lot of trust and guts to actually go through it. When done as a couple, it could be both fun and exciting.


  1. Vineyards or breweries

Visit the local brewery together. Learn about the tedious ways in which fine whiskey that you so casually gulp down is made and stored. Again, a good learning process that helps you spend the time without indulging in something mindless and superfluous. You can even take a bottle for later in the evening.


  1. Make Home videos

Everyone loves clicking pictures. Very few record videos. You can choose to spend a normal Valentine day with a little twist- a secret camera in your shirt pocket. Spend the day cuddling, saying that you love them, caressing and smooching- all this while recording the same. You will be surprised how happy it will make your partner to see on tape how you two naturally click.


  1. Fun with pots

An intriguing concept of dating has recently popped up- pottery painting. You go to a Pottery cafe, pay them the fee to be given a pot that both of you have to artistically paint. It is a good way to come in touch with your creative side while spending some quality time with your date.


  1. Watch a live performance

A place that plays live music by real life performers has its own charm over a place that plays recorded songs. The best part about such places on Valentine’s Day is that you get to make dedications to your partner through the performers. All you have to do is make a request to the band playing and they will dedicate a song of your choice to your date.


  1. Scuba Diving

Ever wondered how it feels to be a life organism underwater? If you happen to be a couple residing in or around a coast, I am sure there must be scuba diving arrangements near you. Contact such an agency that lets you scuba dive for hours on end, no matter the cost.


  1. Paintball

Often considered a group activity, paintball can be a good way to revisit the children inside you. Being adults has taken a lot of fun from your life. Why not try being a kid this Valentine day? When your partner is by your side, the fun is doubled.


  1. Netflix and chill!

Is there a television series you have always wanted to watch together? This valentine, take a day’s leave and sit down on the sofa to watch a series from start to end all at a single stretch. Cook some good food, arrange for some wine, take your showers and set yourselves in front of the TV only to spend the entire day bing-watching your favourite show.


The ideas enumerated above are not the only ways to have fun this Valentine. You could choose to customize your day as per your needs, wants and wishes. You could also make a combination of two or more ideas given in this book. All that matters in the end is that you have fun and make full utilization of the day widely celebrated as the one of love, compassion and care.

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